Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hot Women's Golf Accessories for the Summer

Guest Blog by Samantha Wheeler | Freelance Writer

Golf started out as a man's sport in twelfth-century Scotland. Its popularity soon spread throughout the world, and women were even "permitted" to try their hand at it come the Victorian era. The sport was not widely popular among the ladies, however, and why should it have been? They weren't allowed out on the green in anything less than starched, high-neck collars and heavy wool skirts that fell down to their tightly-laced toes. 

But women golfers' fashion came a long way during the last century, and has absolutely boomed in this one. Not only are today's outfits designed for comfort, breathability and endurance, they're stylish enough to be worn on AND off the course. And now, women have a whole range of golf accessories to choose from in order to help personalize their look.

With all the amateur and professional tournaments going on this summer, now is the perfect time to try out the latest styles. 

Let's start at the top - with the head, that is.

There are a variety of caps and visors out there to choose from. Puma offers some nice cotton caps featuring their subtle logo on one side. But if you'd rather have something more original, why not order a cap from Madcapz? With so many colors and patterns to choose from, you'll surely fine one that screams, "Me!" 

Moving on to ornamentation ... small, tasteful jewelry is always in style on the green. And why not inject a little humor into your accessorizing? Exclusive Sports Jewelry sells a very cute pair of sterling silver earrings in the shape of golf balls. Pair this with a matching pendant and you'll look both chic and relevant when you tee-off. 

And what about your hands? These are perhaps your most important assets during the game. So why shouldn't they LOOK as important as they are? Nike Womens DuraFeel Golf Gloves 2010 contour to your hands' unique size and shape, while providing you with a wide range of motion. Likewise, Bionic Technologies Women's Golf Glove was designed by an orthopedic surgeon who had your comfort, grip and performance (as well as your fashion-sense) in mind.

And finally, let's talk shoes. This topic alone could take up a whole post. Suffice it to say that this is one area where your personality can really shine through. Ecco makes some fun and funky versions that pay tribute to golf's days of yore (think hot pink argyle prints and sassy silver saddle shoes.) Alternatively, Adidas and Nike have come up with modern, sporty shoes for the golfer who wants to look both sleek and casual. 

Just remember, when it comes to styling-up your golf game this summer, the sky's the limit!

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