Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How to Wear Houndstooth this Summer

Whether you opt for a pattern that's big, bright and bold or small, soft and stark, houndstooth is one of those timeless, recognizable patterns that's worth repeating season after season. In the past, we have seen this intriguing pattern mostly in woven fabrics, such as wool, but now, with its growing popularity, we are seeing it as a print. Modern new versions of houndstooth are popping up everywhere on the golf course. There are a variety of houndstooth options for women's golf fashions, from golf skorts and tops to accessories like golf bags and club head covers. This pattern transcends seasons, and houndstooth fans have a myriad of options when it comes to sporting this look on the golf course this spring.

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Pair it: Try pairing a houndstooth skort or short with some of the bright colors for the season like a lime, citrus or purple top. As you know, brightly colored shades, and color are an essential part of any spring wardrobe.

Balance it: Play with the scale and you can even have fun with it and combine two houndstooth pieces -- please, be careful to avoid head-to-toe houndstooth. Over do it and you can make your next foursome dizzy!

Accessorize it: If you're not comfortable wearing a houndstooth ensemble, start small with a houndstooth accessory like a belt or golf glove to incorporate into your look. Arrive at the golf club in style, try a light houndstooth scarf paired with a brightly colored polo or light sweater.

Rock it: Houndstooth says you're confident, classic, smart, yet modern and chic! So if you've been resisting this fashion icon, we say start small and go for it. Trust us, you'll look fabulous!

Featured Styles:

4. Druh Belts & Buckles - Diamonte Collection

2. Bonjoc Sage Ballmarker
3. Tracey Lynn Golf Houndstooth Golf Skort

1. Tracey Lynn Golf Houndstooth Sleeveless Polo
2. Glove It Houndstooth Golf Belt - 3-pack

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

It's official: Color is the new black

{ LIJA Pursuit Collection }
Nothing says springtime fashion like bright colors do and especially after the long cold winter many of us had, they are much needed! If you haven't noticed already, designers are favoring ravishing reds, plush purples and bright blues in all their spring/summer collections. Strong hues are no longer solely for the fashion's risk takers; they're for everyone. 

Worried you're going to look like a box of crayons?  No worries. We're here to give you a few tips on how to pull of this seasons trend without looking silly.

The biggest rule to wearing brights is to always pair them with neutrals. For example, LIJA's newest collection, Pursuit features bright pops of Salsa (bright red) and subtle hues of Olive. Coordinate these beautiful bold colors with White, Putty (dark green), or stone and you have a crisp and classic springtime look.

Featured items:
(1.)  Lija Moda Fille Polo Salsa (2.) Lija Atomic Plaid Skort (3.) Lija Myth Lasting Polo (4.) Lija Mira Kaleidoscope Skort

{ add bright accessories }
Not sure about wearing a bright bold outfit, trying adding a bright-colored accessory. Keep the outfit a solid color like this AUR Golf Dress (Rumberry) or neutral, and add a bright colored golf accessories from Glove It Riviera Collection: like the ladies Riviera golf glove, tote bag or the popular Glove It Golf Bag.

And lastly, if you are wearing a bright top or dress, please avoid the colored eyeshadows to match. Not sure who started this trend, but if you keep your makeup simple, your entire appearance will look effortlessly balanced. Otherwise, you may be mistaken for a circus clown.

The key is knowing what colors look good on you. Not all colors look good on everyone, so stick to the one that works best for you.