Monday, December 22, 2014

How To Use A Visa Gift Card for Online Purchase


Simple. Just register your card first!

One of the most frequently asked questions after the holidays is whether you can use a bank issued gift card (Visa, American Express, Discover, or MasterCard) to shop online. The answer is yes!

However, there are additional steps you have to take to prevent your card from being rejected by the merchant.

Since there is no verifiable name and address associated with the card when it was purchased. When buying things online, most merchants (like Golf4Her) require your name and billing address to match the name and address you have on file with your card issuer.

How to register your bank issued gift card:
  1. To register, either call the issuing bank, or visit their website. It is most likely printed on the back of the gift card.
  2. When you make an online or phone purchase, the name, address, and phone number you use will need to be exactly the same as the information you provided when registering your card in order to avoid declines.
  3. You can verify or update your information by visiting the card issuer's Web site, or by contacting them using the toll-free number provided in your card materials.
  4. If you try to use your bank card Gift Card for an online purchase without registering it first, your transaction will be declined.
  5. Once you have registered your card, you can use it online just like you would use a regular credit card.
If your information (name and address) has changed since you registered your Visa gift card, call the card issuer or go online and update your information before you use the card online.
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How to register your Golf4Her Gift Card
We recommend registering your Golf4Her Gift Card or Certificate the moment you receive it.

  1. Log into your Golf4Her account. If you do not have one, you will be prompted to create one.
  2. Click ‘MyAccount’ at the top of the Golf4Her website
  3. Enter your User Name and Password
  4. Click ‘Apply a Gift Card to your account’
  5. Enter the 13-digit gift card code
  6. Your gift card balance will be automatically applied to your account
  7. Once you enter items into your shopping cart and ready to check out, the gift card amount will automatically deduct from your order balance.
  8. If there is a balance due, you can enter your credit card information at that point.
  9. If you choose not to register your card, you can enter your gift card 13-digit code at check out. 

Happy Holidays!