Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Survival Tips for the Golf Course!

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Whether you’re a casual player looking to take it up a notch, or an avid golfer trying to perfect your game, the Reach Your Goals Survival Guide to Golf by Christina Ricci, covers everything a player needs to know about equipment, on-course instruction, advice from top pros, drills for practice, rules and etiquette and much more.

The engaging format and approach that made A Girl’s On-Course Survival Guide to Golf an invaluable tool is now available to men as well as women, of all levels!

It's the perfect size for your golf bag, bathroom, nightstand, or where ever find yourself reading! Plus, it's the perfect solution for those of us who find it 'challenging' to take bunker-side tips from our significant others while on the golf course!

Take a peek inside the Reach Your Goals Survival Guide to Golf!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Take your style to a new level with Lija!

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It seems everyone is just as excited as we are to put the winter behind us and start enjoying the splendor of spring. Lija captures the essence of the season with their newest collection, Elevate. A refreshing and bold combination of two fiery colors: flame and blaze.

    Flame: A bold yet wearable Orange – the hottest color of the season (pun intended!)

    Blaze: A warm, buttery Yellow – one of the most inspiring colors this Spring

    1. Lija Pique Tick Tock Polo (Smoke)  $70
    2. Lija
    Paradox Plaid Skort (Flame/Smoke/Blaze) $110
    3. Lija Myth Lasting Polo (Flame) $70
    4. Lija Icon Leather Belt (white)  $40
    5. Bonjoc Flower Ballmarker (Orange/Yellow) $19
    6. Lija Parallel Sway Knee Short (white)  $110 

    Shop the Spring 2011 collection by Lija at Golf4Her.

    Saturday, March 19, 2011

    This putter is SWEEEET!

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    Ladies, this putter is made for your game.

    Sweet Spot Golf has designed and engineered a unique, well-crafted and evenly weighted putter for women. It's built with precision that allows golfers to find their line and sink putts with style. The new "Think Pink" putter combines design, style and color while delivering uncompromised performance.

    - Shaft length: 32, 33, 34, 35 inches
    - Weight: 362 grams +/- depends on shaft length
    - Face width: 4"
    - Face height: 1"
    - Face depth: 3.5" 
    - Face has Pink Poly Insert Face is 3 degrees
    - Grips: Winn Grips w/ a pink ribbon
    - Available in Black with Pink accents or White with Pink accents

    Traditional putters for the average golfer can be difficult to control at times. That's why the face-balanced mallets like the Think Pink putter promote straight back and straight through stroke to minimize the effects of mis-hits. The Think Pink putter has a tri-angular club shape that promotes a center of gravity back (CGB) resulting in a high Moment of Interia (MOI) and more stable club face upon impact (forgiveness of off-center hits).


    • Performance Positioning System (PPS)-original design of arrow shape to the clubface sweet spot was conceived to give ease of alignment every time
    • Higher Moment of Inertia (MOI) - putter has a wide face (4") and a heel and toe (perimeter) weighting system promoting a high MOI by dispersing weight away from center of instrument- additional weights are available upon request
    • Feel- the putter has a weighty feel (362 gms) which supports a straighter and smoother stroke
    • Top Spin Ball Roll is promoted by a higher center of gravity
    • Unique color design carries through and is integrated into the aiming process
    • Beveled front and back for easy of stroke control around the fringe of the green

    Want to hear what some of the most influential women in golf say about the Sweet Spot putter? Click here to read testimonials.

    Visit the Golf4Her website for more information about the Sweet Spot Golf putters.

    Tuesday, March 15, 2011

    Avoid the Pinch! Wear Green and Look Great.

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    Tradition says that those who do not wear green on St. Patrick's Day, will be reprimanded with a small pinch. So, whether it's to avoid getting pinched, an excuse to drink green beer at the 19th hole, or just for fun, here are a few items to help you add a splash of green to your St. Patrick's Day outfit without looking like a leprechaun!

    Featured styles:

    1. 4all by JoFit Victoria Wind Shirt Applewood
    2. Fila Vincitore Pine Collection
    3. Abacus Lanark Rain Trenchcoat
    4. Abacus Traigh Softshell Stretch Vest
    5. Abacus Mashie Fleece
    6. RIST Watch si Series
    7. Plastick Brand ION Sports Watch
    8. Loudmouth Golf Repair Tool | Tisket-A-Tasket
    9. Bonjoc Ballmarker Ivory
    10 Ame & Lulu Getaway Combo | Dynasty Collection

     Click here to view more green golf fashions for women!

    Happy St. Patrick's Day - cheers!

    Wednesday, March 2, 2011

    The allure of AUR Golf and why we love this brand!

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    Fashion color tip: Pair charcoal with a smokey silver-blue, and you've got yourself one cool and sophisticated fashion-do this season! AUR Golf showcases this hot fashion color trend in their Bacardi Breeze golf collection for Spring 2011.

    1.  AUR GeoTech Polo with Chest Pocket White
    2. AUR Dri-Max 3/4 Sleeve Polo Allure
    3. AUR Classic Sleeveless S.Cafe Golf Dress Charcoal/Allure - designed with bamboo cloth for excellent wicking properties, ideal for warm summer days.
    4. AUR Performance Golf Skort Charcoal
    5. Druh Diamonte Belt & Buckle White
    6. Bonjoc Star Ballmarker Moonbeam
    7. AUR Pin Stripe Golf Skort Charcoal/Allure

    Benefits of Bamboo
    AUR Golf is one of the newest and most innovative golf and lifestyle collections to hit the fairways. AUR Golf brings women aspiring golf fashions to truly encompass all that you are.

    Many of their garments are designed with bamboo fabrics. This is a popular trend in golf fashion for several reasons:
    • Thermal regulating - Bamboo clothing has excellent wicking properties, ideal for warm summer days.
    • Absorbs moisture - Bamboo cloth has superior absorption, four times more absorbent than cotton.
    • Breathable - The porous qualities of bamboo fiber account for its added breathability.
    • Anti-bacterial - Bamboo fabric contains a naturally occurring anti-microbial agent, keeping your odor free.
    • Environmentally friendly - Bamboo is one of the world's most sustainable resources.

    Have you heard about S. Cafe?
    What makes AUR Golf stand out from the rest is that they design their garment with exclusive fabrics and processes such as S. Cafe. What is S. Cafe you ask? By using a patented process, coffee grounds are transformed into yarn, which is then used to produce the garments. Most coffee grounds end up in our landfills, which contribute to our overhaul solid waste management problem. By producing a garment using this process, AUR Golf helps ease landfill concerns.

      Click here to view the AUR golf collection for women.