Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Rangewear: The Perfect Blend of Fashion and Function

Whether you're practicing your technique at the driving range or taking a well needed lesson with a pro, the question many of us ponder as we get dressed to head out is ... what do I wear? Do you go for style and wear that great new outfit you just bought from Golf4Her  (wink, wink) or choose function and throw on something that you can work up a good sweat in?

Well, fortunately with designers out there like JoFit, you can do both!

JoFit is dedicated to creating high quality, performance apparel with a focus on golf, an eye on design and a commitment to the perfect fit. Athletic women come in all different shapes and sizes but their needs are the same: high quality apparel that looks fantastic, has a feminine fit, feels great on and matches our endurance.

Consider one of these great 'rangewear' styles designed with new lightweight moisture wicking breathable fabrics that keep you cool and dry while you're working on your game. Be sure to include a great accessory, too!

  1. JoFit T-Back Racer ($54) - Ladies, you really should wear a good supportive bra or athletic top with a build in support bra. I love this shirt because it does double-duty as a great layer piece. It's designed with a built-in shelf bra for support, hour-glass stitching and shaped waist highlights our athletic figures, and the longer hem length gives us a smooth silhouette.
  2. JoFit Ragland Polo ($66)
  3. JoFit Knit Jacket ($98)
  4. JoFit Knit Bermuda Shorts ($72)
  5. JoFit Knit Capri ($76)
  6. JoFit Knit Pants ($78) - if your driving range is anything like the ones here in NJ, the mosquitoes eat you alive. Long pants are the way to go!
  7. Lija Visor ($25 | On sale: $20)
  8. HJ Glove Fashion Gripper - 8 colors  ($20)
  9. Golfstream Shoes  ($130 | On sale: $64). These look great on and off the course!

So all in all, clothing attire at the driving range (or as we call it, Rangewear) can be fashionable and functional! Check out the JoFit fall 2010 collection and other 'Rangewear' for women on

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