Monday, July 6, 2015

Adidas Fall/Winter Collection 1 For the Win

Creamsicle orange and baby blue are the new black. With the launch of the new Fall/Winter Adidas Collection 1, the color scheme will have you ditching your trusty black polo and diving into these new bright colors. Ranging from your essentials to trendy accordion detailed tops and printed pants, everyone will find a reason to fall in love with this collection.

Forget the boring and basic golf top or bottom. Think preppy and sophisticated while sporting your Tour Accordion Tunic paired with the Printed Shorts or Leggings. You'll look so fresh that people give a double take. 

But wait… Adidas didn’t stop at cute colors and designs. Style meets practicality and comfort with most of the items containing moisture wicking and stretch fabric. Incorporating technology to control climate into their products is another plus, especially with the transformation between summer and fall. And, my favorite part, most of the products are lightweight so they wont weigh down your swing. Perfect on and off the course for a cute and flirty flair to everyday style.

Stay stylish!
xo, Kendall

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