Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mix and Match Golf Accessories for Women

{ Dressed 4 The Nines Matched Foursome | $96 }
Dressed 4 the Nines ladies golf accessories was founded by Lizabeth Goldberg and Stephanie Jensen, two women golfers searching for smart and fashionable golf wear. Golf girls may just want to have fun, but they want to look great too - especially on the Tees and Greens!  Liz and Steph designed their own line of accessories to expand the available selection of womens golf wear. 
{ Nine (9) Ruffle and Band Styles }

The concept was inspired by a sample of luxurious Italian patent leather...which happened to be hot pink. From there the idea grew into a set of feminine accessories to compliment a variety of golf wear.  Rather than have separate sets of accessories for every outfit, Liz ad Steph wanted to give women the ability to coordinate their look by swapping out interchangeable bands on our foundation pieces. 

They felt strongly about creating a line that could be manufactured right here in the USA. Made from the finest materials, Dressed 4 the Nines products are comprised of beautiful patterned patent leather in hot, trendy colors, solid brass hardware, breathable micro fiber caps and visors and luxuriously soft, classic white Cabretta leather gloves. 

{ Six (6) Belt and Kiltie Leathers }
Great for traveling, as gifts, coordinating themes for golf groups and charities or adding the finishing details to your wardrobe - these accessories give women the freedom to create their own style from the tees to the 19th hole.

Signature combo:
The Matched Foursome
The set consists of four foundation pieces in your choice of leather and band/ruffle combination:

 1. Pair of leather Kilties
 2. Cabretta leather Glove with ruffle
 3. Leather and Brass Belt buckle with band
 4. Visor or Cap with band

Each item is available for purchase individually. Consider the Ribbon of Hope style for your next breast cancer awareness event.

View the entire Dressed 4 The Nines collection at Golf4Her.com.


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