Sunday, August 28, 2011

6 Tips On How To Pick Your Golf Rain Gear

If you have ever been caught in the middle of a deluge (on or off the golf course), you know how important it is to have a good rain jacket.

Here are 6 things you should look for when buying rain gear:
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  1. Waterproof Or Rainproof
    There is a difference between waterproof and rainproof, and not only in the price. Waterproof golf rain gear keeps you completely dry, even in heavy rain. Goretex is the most effective waterproof fabric available, allowing water to vapor and air to circulate which is vital for your comfort.

    Rainproof golf gear is typically made from fabric that is treated with Teflon which means it keeps water out for shorter periods while still allowing air through and it wicks moisture. Rainproof gear tends to be more lightweight and can be a good option when going on a golf vacation (where you more likely to experience short showers than heavy rain). However, nothing beats waterproof when it comes down to staying dry in the rain.
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  2. Windproof
    In a nutshell, windproof garment keeps out the wind. If you can blow through the fabric then the garment is not windproof. Windproof is essential when playing in cold and windy condition but to keep out the rain as well it needs to be waterproof as well. Ever have a jacket that would blow up like a balloon in the wind? Me too. Make sure your rain jacket has a wind vent on the back to let air escape. They usually have a mesh covered vent and a roofed flap preventing rain water from entering.

  3. Breathable
    This feature is very important feature as it allows vapor from sweat to evaporate,
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    making you drier, warmer and more comfortable. Unfortunately, as the waterproof quality of a garment goes up the breathability usually goes down. So bear that in mind when choosing your rain gear.

  4. Leaks
    Seams tend to be the weak spot where waterproofing is concerned (think of tents) so they must be sealed and coated to prevent leaking. The ideal garment would have as few seams as possible and not in vulnerable places, like shoulders and upper back. Zippers are another weak spot so look for waterproof zippers, or well shielded zippers.

  5. Comfort and Fit
    Chose rain gear that does not restrict your movements. The best golf rain gear keeps
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    the elements out but does not restrict your golf swing. Buying the right size of rain gear is therefore important, as too tight or too big suit can affect your game. Elastics around the arms, knees and waist, allow you maximum mobility. Look for rain gear made Rain gear can be found in fabrics that are quiet. No more of the swooshing sound when you take a swing!

  6. Style and Features
    "Does this rain jacket make me look fat?" Let's face it, most people will first consider a rain jacket if it looks good and second, if it doesn't make us stand out like a sore thumb. Now more than ever, rain jackets are subtle, stylish and feminine. Thanks to designers like Abacus, rain gear is available in a variety of colors and fashionable styles proving it is possible to combine a good fit with an sleek silhouette.

One of our favorite outerwear designers is Abacus. Let's face it, poor rainwear is about as much use as an umbrella with holes in it. If you are going to be out on the golf course for four hours in the pouring rain it’s not enough that your rainwear is watertight. It also needs to breathe so that condensation doesn’t collect under your clothes. And it must follow the body’s movements and feel relaxed in your swing. Abacus waterproofs/rainwear have sealed seams, high breathability and are designed for maximum freedom of movement and are very easy to put on and take off. 

We hope these tips help you tee it up in style while playing in the rain! View more great styles at


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