Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Coates Golf: Revolutionizing Women's Golf

With a full line of clubs focused on providing women with performance rather than suggesting what women need most is forgiveness, Coates Golf is empowering and equipping women to expect more from the game.

The market standard for women-specific equipment is often centered around the beginner golfer, leaving little for improvement and leaving many women ill-equipped for their game. Coates Golf has made a bold commitment to women in golf by offering women quality equipment specifically designed for them.

With a focus on a spectrum of shaft options that offer stair-stepping swing-weights, women can now build a bag of equipment that truly fits their game at any level of play – from beginner to professional. Coates Golf is a premium lifestyle brand whose message of equality, is anchored by its antelope logo because female antelope grow horns like male. Same game. Same respect.

Golf4Her is thrilled to team up with Mollie Coates, Co-Founder/President of Coates Golf and the entire Coates family to continue the women's golf revolution.

Click here to take a peek at the entire Coates Golf collection of apparel and equipment and let us know what you think!

xo, Golf4Her

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