Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Golf Fashion: Lizzie Driver All-American

The All-America collection from Lizzie Driver it the second of three collections for spring/summer. Styles feature crisp red, white and blues with a dash of pink.

One of our favorite tops is the Cadet, a woven tunic top in red and blue plaid. Looks great at the 19th hole over a pair of crip white shorts or cropped pant.

Lizzie Driver also offers most of their skorts in two different lengths: 15.5" and 18.5". The shorter length is a bit sportier and appeals to a woman who wants to show off their legs while still looking classy. 

A little nod to Caddyshack, the whimsical Lizzie Driver Ancestor Polo is inspired by the by daughter of Bushwood Golf Club's owner. She wore this beautiful Fila knit piece with vertical stripes and a red collar, so they mimicked that for a little bit of a throwback.

Let us know what you love about the new Lizzie Driver collection.

xo, Golf4Her

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