Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Game Changer: Heated Jackets for Women


Heading out for cold weather play, tailgating or spectating? How great would it be to wrap yourself in a heated jacket. Yes, heated. All Gyde jackets, vests and gloves for women are battery operated and heat up to 135° F. Does The North Face do that? Nope, sure doesn't.

There are five styles of Gyde Jackets and Vests but my personal favorite is the Gyde Womens Hybrid Heated Jacket. It's designed with three Microwire™ heating zones built into the jacket: one in the collar and two in the chest (one on each side of the quilted front).

The sleeves and back are designed with Polartec ™ Power Stretch Pro fleece, making it great for golf or pretty much any activity you do outside this winter.

Each jacket comes with dual mode 7 volt battery and wall charge. At full battery (135° F) you will get 2-hours of heat. But most people keep it at 50% and get 5-6 hours of battery life. But wait, there is more!

Gyde offers a Bluetooth Powered Thermgauge adapter and a super friendly app for your iOS or
android device. What that means is, for an extra $50, you can adjust the heat of your jacket with an app on your smartphone. They've thought of everything.

We have several customers who wear this for golf, but the majority wear it for spectating at their child's outdoor sporting events, hockey rinks, professional sporting events, walking the dog . . . shoveling! Basically, if you go outside this winter you will want this jacket.

If you have any questions, let us know. But we guarantee you will find a reason to go outside when you have this jacket.

Let us know what you think or have any questions.

xo, Christina
CEO & Founder

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