Friday, October 2, 2015

Ladies Golf Fashion: GG Blue Cherry Picked Collection


Fall is the season of change; change in leaves, change in temperature, days become shorter and nights grow longer. But before things get too dull, take a look at the GG Blue Cherry Picked collection!

These crisp, clean shades of pink are sure to put some fun in your fall wardrobe. Let's face it, no one likes the cold but at least you can have clothes that will keep you warm without completely drowning you in fabric!

This collection is designed with a feminine look, not only in the colors but the fit as well. Whether you are a skort or pant kind of girl, this collection has it all. And if you are not a pink girl (which I am not either), this collection also has neutral shades such as white and black with just a whisper of color, to help you out of your comfort zone without being overwhelming!

So whatever you prefer, the Cherry Picked Collection will have something to please your palette.

Style Squad, Golf4Her

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