Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Golf Eyewear: Sundog Sunglasses

{ Paula Creamer, LPGA Tour Pro }

Eyewear Is Always In Season

There’s nothing worse than straining while eyeing down the green. Some golfers don’t even enjoy wearing sunglasses while golfing, but times have changed. Enter Sundog Eyewear. They put all their efforts into combining style, comfort, and technology for the most optimal experience under the sun (literally).

Sundog Eyewear offers women’s and men’s styles appropriate for on and off the course. After all, it’s all about protecting your eyes but framing your face for a stylish touch. Sundog does exactly that. Putting a lot of time and effort into creating the technology for their lenses is only the beginning. From the Uptown aviator style sunglasses to the Prime sport glasses, you are sure to find what you want.

The science behind the lenses is very fascinating, to say the least. Their TrueBlue Lenses provide you with protection against harmful visible and invisible light that the sun provides. I know, it took us a couple reads too, but the Melanin that our eye naturally produces to defend them from harmful light is incorporated into the TrueBlue lenses. The Blue color filters through colors to give you the more precise and clear view. Props to you, Sundogs. The lightweight and impact resistant Polycarbonate lenses are also an impressive technology used by Sundog. They protect your eyes and stand strong to any roughage, AND are lightweight? This company knows what we want.

Four Collections:
1. TrueBlue® Collection
2. Polarized Collection
3. Polycarbonate Collection
4. Paula Creamer Collection

Prices reflect a great deal considering the fact that you’re dealing with some of the most advanced glasses in the industry. Ranging from $49.95-$79.95, they are now available on the Golf4Her website. Don’t waste any more time damaging your eyes on and off the course when you can sport Sundog Eyewear!

xo, Kendall 
Golf4Her, Stylist

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