Thursday, August 7, 2014

Sizzling Haute Golf Skorts

Haute Shot Golf is the brainchild of two sisters from Boise, Idaho who share a passion for golf, fresh-style and all things haute.  Growing up in Idaho (and yes, on a potato farm), they were exposed to snowboarding in the Tetons, wakeboarding and wakeskating on high mountain lakes, flying airplanes in the backcountry and golfing on mile-high courses.  The only thing they have ever found in their life that could be improved on was the utter and complete lack of fashion.

Golf, in particular for girls, has been drowning in boring vanilla style khaki, black, white and pastel pinks.  (Gag!)  They miss the good ol’ days of the 70’s when golf really WAS men in ugly pants walking.  The sisters long for the days of the full Cleveland look of the patent leather white belts and matching white shoes.  Golf was one sport where you could ride the fence between tacky and tasteful and be accepted if you fell on either side every once in awhile. 

Thankfully, it’s a new day and a new generation.  Golf is one of the fastest growing sports among the whipper-snappers and we all get excited when we see the rookies on tour sporting bright bold colors.

Haute Shot Golf is proudly one of the only golf apparel companies out there that are made for chicks, designed by chicks.

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  1. Very interesting and fun golf skorts, prints are gorgeous, especially floral, they are perfect for those fun sunny days.