Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Heated Golf Gifts

A Few Of Our Favorite Things 

Heated Golf Cart Seat Pad | $159.00
If you have ever experienced the soothing warmth of heated seats in your car then you'll love being able to bring that luxury to the golf course with the Gerbing Heated Golf Cart Seat Cover. Powered by a small rechargeable lithium battery pack with a built-in temperature controller, simply connect the battery, choose your power level setting and enjoy a nice, warm and comfortable place to sit while playing golf during those chilly days on the links. Fits most golf carts.

Heated Fleece Handwarmer | $124.00
The Gerbing coreheat7 wind blocking bonded fleece Handwarmer is designed for long adventures that require the maximum dexterity even the thinnest gloves cannot provide. Great way to keep your hands warm while on the golf course. Makes a great gift for your club caddy!

~Tee It Up In Style (and warmth!)

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