Thursday, January 10, 2013

Golf Style: Sandbaggers Bali Mesh Golf Shoes

One of the hottest fashion trends on the golf course this season is bright and bold colors. Sandbaggers Golf delivers with a collection of lightweight and bright ladies golf shoes.

Your feet will be happy, happy, happy in the new Sandbaggers Bali Mesh ladies golf shoes not just because they are super cute to wear but because they are designed with built in StepSaver Orthotics. Its design promotes stability and reduces athletic fatigue in your feet.

With help from an orthopedic surgeon, Sandbaggers designed the StepSaver Orthotic to deliver neutral, lateral support. Made of high density foam, their unique StepSaver orthotic is light-weight and effective. It’s shape and design use gravity to nest your foot comfortably in the cutaway heel cradle— providing better stability and reducing athletic fatigue in your feet.

Sandbaggers Bali Mango Ladies Golf Shoe
Sandbaggers Bali Lime Ladies Golf Shoe
Sandbaggers Bali Fuchsia Ladies Golf Shoe
Sandbaggers Bali Black Ladies Golf Shoe

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  1. I like these shoes in all different colours. Need in blue colour, which is mine favourite.