Friday, September 21, 2012

19th Hole: Bourbon & Apple Cider Cocktail

{ Bourbon & Apple Cider Cocktail }

With tomorrow being the first day of fall we thought we would share one of our favorite cocktails for the season: Bourbon and Apple Cider Cocktail.

Take a sip of cider and close your eyes. Surely there is no taste that is more evocative of clear, crisp, golden autumn day on the golf course!

  • 2 parts Apple Cider, refrigerated
  • 2 parts Ginger Ale, refrigerated
  • 1 part Bourbon
  1. Mix together cider and bourbon and refrigerate for at least one hour
  2. Before serving, add ginger ale to bourbon and cider and serve over crushed ice
  3. Garnish with apple slice 
  4. Sip slow and enjoy!
This weekend, our flasks will be filled with this delish cocktail. Let us know if you try it.

Happy Fall everyone,
The Girls at Golf4Her

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