Thursday, June 14, 2012

Fashion Trend: How to Wear Black and Blue on the Golf Course

Together, black and blue create a dark mystique that oozes a calm, cool and collected fashion statement. We know what you’re thinking: “my mother told me never to wear black and blue together!” Although Mom is usually right, we’re going to oppose her on this one. The fact is, black and dark blue are totally chic when paired. Especially, for women's golf fashion!

Get This Look:
  1. Wear To Win Slimming Ruched Top 
  2. Golftini Black & Blue Plaid Bermuda Shorts 
  3. Ame & Lulu City Tote in Aztec print
  4. Ame & Lulu Wristlet in Aztec print
  5. Sandbaggers Susie Half Lace Navy Ladies Golf Shoe  
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  1. as long as you look nice that's all that matters I am wearing nice jeans and a blouse for Easter I don't think God really cares what you wear just as long as you look nice.
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  2. Nice looking costume of you, and good combination od black t-shirt and blue check shorts.