Wednesday, March 7, 2012

SUNICE: Tornado Collection

{ Sunice Christine Full Stretch Jacket }
Breathability, ultra lightweight and ultra quite products backed a 4-year waterproof guarantee are what defines the Sunice Tornado Collection. 

Truly inspired by the active golfer, Tornado offers highly breathable, waterproof stretch fabrics combines with game enhancing features. Perform at your best in even the toughest conditions.

Core collection includes:

SUNICE Danielle FLEXVENT Performance Full Stretch Waterproof Jacket available in 3 colors.

SUNICE Christine FLEXVENT Full Stretch Waterproof Jacket available in 6 colors.

SUNICE Beatrice FLEXVENT Full Stretch Waterproof Pant available in 2 colors.

The Sunice 2012 collection features jewel tone colors such as Diva (purple), Petonia and French Blue in addition to classic Black, White and Charcoal.

~Tee it up in Style | Golf4Her

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