Tuesday, January 17, 2012

CONTEST: Design a Pukka Cap and WIN!

DEADLINE EXTENDED to Sunday February 5 at 11:59pm (EST)

Golf4Her has teamed up with Pukka Headwear for an exciting new contest!

Below you will see a blank hat template. We want you to take this template and create your own custom Golf4Her by Pukka hat. You can design it on the computer or print it out and use crayons, markers, colored pencil, etc. to create your own hat design.  

Have designers block? Check out the Pukka website for design ideas. Just remember, this is a totally blank template, the design is 100% up to you.

We will select the top 5 hat designs. Then everyone will be invited to vote on their favorite hat design.

The Prize

The lucky winner of this contest will receive their custom Golf4Her by Pukka hat and a $50 Golf4Her eCard. The runner up will win their custom Golf4Her designed hat.

The winning hat design will also be featured on the Golf4Her website for purchase after the contest. During March, a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of the winning hat will be donated to the Colon Cancer Alliance to support National Colorectal Awareness Month.


  1. Only one entry per person
  2. The hat must include a Golf4Her and Pukka logos some place on the hat (see template)
  3. Email your design to marketing@golf4her.com. If you need to mail it, let us know and we'll provide you with an address
  4. The (new) deadline of this contest SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 5 at 11:59pm EST
  5. All entries must be received by then to be considered
  6. US residents only
How to enter
  1. Print out the template below or use your computer skills to create your own cap
  2. You can then take a picture of your design, scan it, etc. and then email us with your entry. (email address listed above)
  3. Once the contest ends, Golf4Her staff along with Pukka Headwear will go over the entries and select the top 5 cap designs
  4. Those top 5 will be entered into a poll that can be found on the Golf4Her Facebook Page and the Pukka Facebook Fan Page 
  5. Voting will be open for one (1) week

We can’t wait to see the creative designs Golf4Her fans and friends will come up with. Good luck and have fun! Be Original®

If you have any questions, email us at TheGirls@golf4her.com.  

~Tee it up in Style!

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  1. You guys always have the best contests. This is great because you are actually giving back to an important charity. Most companies are in it for the money. Well done Golf4Her.