Monday, November 28, 2011

It's all in the wrist: Sporty Chic

{ Sporty Chic Golf Tee Toggle and Stretch Bracelets }
This season, it’s all about the wrist! From Vogue to InStyle, every fashion magazine out there is showing off a hip blend of bangles, chains and jewels as the perfect accessory for classic styles all season long!

Sporty Chic has created a beautiful collection of golf inspired toggle and stretch bracelets using vibrant and inspiring beads. Select one or layer them up.

Some of the beads you can choose from are:

- Black Onyx Golf Bracelet
- Turquoise Golf Bracelet
- Freshwater Pearls Golf Bracelet
- Red Coral Golf Bracelet
- Pink Quartz Golf Bracelet
- Green Turquoise Golf Tee
- Tiger's Eye Golf Tee Toggle Bracelet
- Conch Shell Tee Toggle Bracelet
- Coffee Liqueur Tee Toggle Bracelet
- Malachite Tee Toggle Bracelet

Also available are the Sporty Chic Golf Club Key Chain and Golf Ball Stud Earrings.  View the entire Sporty Chic jewelry collection at Your source for holiday golf gifts for women!

~Tee it Up in Style!

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