Friday, November 4, 2011

Honey, your gift makes me look fat!

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The November issue of GottaGoGolf Magazine (online now and free) may have gotten a little carried away with great holiday golf gifts for women. After all, it’s mostly women doing the reading. How are the men going to get the hint and stop buying us clothing gifts?

Happily, my mom has taken the hint and given me some amazing socks, jewelry and other accessories over my grownup years. A certain man in my life practically quivered as he held forth one of my Christmas packages one year, saying “I know I’m not supposed to do this…” It was a soft black cotton shirt perfect for working out, hanging out, maybe even sleeping in, that (he was quick to explain) he had bought in an outlet store at a great price. “I love it,” I told him. “Just remember, you shouldn’t buy me clothes.”

A few months later he stopped at an outlet store that was going out of business and prices had plummeted to a level so nearly invisible that he couldn’t help himself. I believe he bought me four items, one of which I love and wear. One for four is a superb statistic … on chips from 50 yards out.
Fortunately, there are endless gift possibilities for those of us who play golf. Clubs, however, ought to be considered as taboo as clothes — unless the recipient has tried them out and written them on a wish list, complete with grip size and length. But that leaves training gizmos, books, accessories and, oh did we mention, jewelry?

GottaGoGolf features some outerwear and shoes in the holiday Gift Guide, but no shirts, pants, shorts or skorts. A few moms, husbands and sisters might be qualified to shop for the latter. For the rest of you, trust me: jewelry.

Or, hint-hint, a gift certificate for a certain great shopping website. Sisters, can I have an amen here?

Written by Susan Fornoff, publisher of GottaGoGolf Magazine

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