Thursday, October 6, 2011

Vintage Preppy Style: Tommy Hilfiger Golf

{ 2012 Tommy Hilfiger Golf }
These days, you can take your preppy fashion straight up or with a twist. Tommy Hilfiger Golf brings us vintage preppy style featuring a light pink and shamrock for a lucky day on the links. Pair these two with the Midnight Stripe Bermuda for a classic and sporty look. Next thing you know, you'll be invited to Hyannisport for a round of golf with the Kennedy's.

Get this look:

1. Tommy Hilfiger Golf Arielle Bermuda Stripe Short - Midnight Stripe
2. Tommy Hilfiger Golf Liz Basic Polo 10 colors - Light Pink
3. Tommy Hilfiger Golf Ingrid V-Neck Sweater 9 colors - Shamrock Green
4. Ame & Lulu Expediter (Blue Herringbone)

After a short hiatus, Tommy Hilfiger is back on the golf fashion scene and Golf4Her customers are getting first-dibs on the new styles. Now through October 14, you can pre-order select styles from the 2012 collection. Delivery on most polos and sweaters start on or about November 15. First come, first served.

View the 2012 Classic and Cape Cod collections from Tommy Hilfiger Golf at Golf4Her.

Tee it up in Style!

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