Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tips For Staying Cool On The Golf Course

Okay fairway warriors, those comfortable spring days have officially given way to the dog-days of summer. What to do? Stay inside and play Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 12: The Masters? No way! If you follow some of this advice you’ll be be able to play safe golf all summer long.

The number one rule when dealing with heat on the golf course is stay hydrated.
  • Always keep a water bottle with you and fill it up at the various water cooler stations located around the course.
  • Water and sports drinks are best, try to avoid sugary soft drinks that contain caffeine.
  • Start hydrating before you head to the course.
  • If you are prone to heavy perspiration, you may lose too much sodium. Add a little extra sodium (don’t go overboard) to your meals prior to your round.
  • Carry a salty snack: banana, nuts, apple, or pretzels, or raisins.
  • Make sure you keep drinking throughout your round. A good rule of thumb during a round of golf is to drink about 3 ounces for every hole played, more is recommended in extremely hot and humid conditions.
  • Avoid alcohol (I know. I know.) – but beer and liquor will only contribute to your dehydration.

Dress Properly
Lija Fluid Vital Top
Sick to clothes that are loose-fitting and made with moisture wicking fibers and fabrics with UV protection. Wear lightweight, loose-fitted clothing in a color that won’t attract the sun like black or other dark colors do. Some of our favorites include:

Sun Protection
The sun is a wonderful thing, but it can cause lots of damage, too.
Cool Down
  • Take a cold shower before and after your round.
  • Keep a cold towel on hand to use on your face and neck during your round.
  • Pace yourself – keep your movements slow and measured.

Watch for Dehydration – Signs includes:

Headache, weakness, light-headedness, irritability, thirst, muscle cramps, nausea or vomiting, loss of mental sharpness, excessive heat on your head and neck, or a sharp decrease in your level of play

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Alan L. Hammond, GolfersMD News | May 24, 2010


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