Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cool Summer Styles Inspired by the Swedish Archipelago

{ Look 1: Navy, Light Blue and White }
Wind and sea. Sun and sky. Crisp and clean. Golf in Scandinavia is played with a backdrop of these pure elements. On the course, Scandinavians also like to dress in clothes that are stylistically simple--something that blends in but also stands out. The Abacus 2011 Spring Collection embodies that clarity in Scandinavian nature. But Abacus has infused something extra: color.

Abacus has gathered together the marine palette and let it explode. The Swedish archipelago inspires the whole collection. The collection is submerged in light tones and includes all the shades of the Swedish islands: starry-white gliding over sky blue and gleaming indigo tones and white stripes on pastel backgrounds. The result is elegant and extravagant.

It should also be said that Abacus' precision in fabric choice and function is as stringent as ever. Storms and rain force you to focus on keeping warm, dry and comfortable. To be challenged by both the golf course and the weather is something that golfers are used to. Without neglecting any detail, Abacus has developed a technical collection with outstanding waterproofing and breathable stretch fabric, which is lightweight, flexible and with functional details. The collection is for those that want to test their own and nature's limits.
{ Look 2: Begonia, Navy and White }

Outfit 1 (above)
1. Abacus Bianca Sleeveless Polo Navy/White
2. Abacus Pinstripe Cleek Capri Cobalt/White
3. Abacus Canora Wing Polo White
4. Abacus Hirsel Web Belt

Outfit 2 (right)
1. Abacus Asola Knit Sweater Navy/Pink
2. Abacus Cleek Short Begonia/White Pinstripe
3. Abacus Grange Wind Jacket Pink/Navy
4. Abacus Hirsel Web Belt 

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