Wednesday, April 13, 2011

GEMSPOT Putters: A Stroke of Brilliance!

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It was love at first sight. No, seriously. It was! The moment we set our eyes on GEMSPOT putters we knew right away we needed to have this putter in our life and to share our new find with Golf4Her loyal customers!

GEMSPOT is a new luxury line of competition-quality golf putters designed by 2007 amature golfer, Wendy Laub from Santa Barbara, California. Combining the latest advances in technology with the beauty of precious gemstones, these ladies golf putters are deeply valued for both their aesthetic appeal and technical performance.  

Gemspot putters are available in a mallet or blade design. But what makes this putter truly different than others on the market is you can customize your putter with 28 of the most exquisite gemstones to create a one of a kind couture putter.  Maybe pick your favorite color, your birthstone or design one for someone special in your life. The price varies depending on which gem you choose, but there are beautiful options in every price category.

{ 28 gemstones to choose from }
The history of gemstones is rich with stories of adventure and good fortune. The various magical properties of gemstones have much to do with their rarity, value, and exotic beauty. All of the gemstones used in GEMSPOT putters have been selected according to their clarity, color, and cut to ensure quality, beauty and value, and come with a Certificate of Authenticity. GEMSPOT is a member of the American Gem Trade Association (AGTA). 

Each gemstone has different properties, symbolism, and associations. Gemstones can be selected to coordinate and match your personality, birth date, or astrological sign. Alternatively, you can create your own color design scheme purely for its aesthetic appeal.

Learn more about each gemstone and it's meaning in the Gemspot Gemstone Gallery.

Gemspot Putter Collection:
OM5 Mallet Putter | GS5 Mallet Putter | HU5 Blade Putter | HU5 Blade Putter with Gem Bar

Looking for a unique and special gift for Mother's Day or Just Because Day? Design a Gemspot Putter for the special lady in your life. Visit Golf4Her to learn more about Gemspot Putters.

Just one more way we're helping your Tee It Up in Style!
~ Christina

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