Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tips on How to Wear Red and Pink Together

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Properly paired with the right accessories, red and pink is one of the most fashion-forward looks. But granted, this is not a classic color combo we normally see paired together. We have always been told not to wear clashing colors. But as fashion changes, so do the rules!

Some say absolutely no, because it screams Valentine's Day. But what about if it is Valentine's Day? We say, go for it. But here are some tips on how to wear them together-without someone passing out from too much color.

We believe that all colors could be juxtaposed in a tasteful way, to create a unique feminine and fun look. Try wearing solid chunks in pink and red of the same brightness or intensity to create balance. Avoid mixing hot pink with red. Instead, go with a pastel, such as a toned-down red and light pink.

At all costs, do not mix prints of red and pink together, that's just asking for trouble! But if you decide on a print top, make sure your bottom is a sold color. White, black or dark grey can tone down any look. Bring everything together with chunky accessories like a large belt and a solid piece of jewelry to help tie the red and pink together. Wah-lah, a beautiful look that will turn heads at the 19th hole.

1. Abacus Beach Polo (Lipstick/Rosewater stripe)
2. Abacus Mullion Polo (Lipstick/Red/White)
4. Bonjoc Ballmarker (Stargazer)

So have fun with pink and red this Valentine's Day, we think you're gonna love how you look!

xo, Christina


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