Tuesday, September 21, 2010

ABACUS: Count On 4 Things This Fall

Whether you're a die-hard who likes 'driving' in the rain or a weekend-warrior rooting your kids on at an early morning scrimmage, you can count on Abacus to keep you warm, dry and comfortable no matter what you're doing!

The new Abacus Fall 2010 Collection is official one of our favorites this season. For those that are not familiar with Abacus, their collection is divided into four groups, (1) WARM, (2) WIND, (3) RAIN and (4) ON TOUR.

{Available at Golf4Her.com}

1. Warm: Abacus Mashie Zip-Up Fleece Turtle Neck (Vanilla) | $60
2. Wind: Abacus Traigh Softshell Stretch Vest (Sulpher) | $90
3. Rain: Abacus Lanark Rain Trenchcoat (Lemonade) | $230
4. On Tour: Abacus Cleek Stretch Capri (Black) | Reg: $90 Sale: $63

{Abacus Wind: Traigh Stretch Vest | Golf4Her.com}

Each group offers a unique level of performance and weather protection features. This allows you the opportunity to choose the optimal garment designed specifically to meet your needs.

Explore the Abacus 2010 Fall Collection at Golf4Her. We are lucky to be one of the few retailers here in the United States partnering with Abacus to help women 'Tee It Up In Style'!


Golf4Her is the premier destination for the newest selection of women's golf apparel, golf accessories and gear from top designers and luxury brands!

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