Monday, August 30, 2010

Add A Tad of Plaid to Your Fall Wardrobe!

Whether you want to add a subtle splash of color or make a bold fashion statement, the time is now to add a tad of plaid to your wardrobe!  

Golfers have been wearing this great look since the 1950's but, it really came into the mainstream to be noticed when stylish players such as Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, and Gary Player started wearing them on a regular basis. They then kind of faded away in the 1990's, but have made a huge comeback on today's golf scene, especially with the LPGA, LET, and Duramed Tour players.

The best part of plaid (or tartan) is you can wear it any way you want. You can choose fun bold patterns and colors offered by Loudmouth Golf or opt for the subtle sophisticated palette of Lija.

Here are some of our favorite:
Available at
  1. Quagmire Golf Cart Girl Skort $69 | Sale $49
  2. Quagmire Golf Triple Bogey Shorts $69 | Sale $63
  3. Abacus Fortrose Skort (Navy) $80 | Sale $63
  4. Abacus Fortrose Skort (Aloe) $80 | Sale $64
  5. Lija Dorothy Plaid Knee Short $110 New! 
  6. Lija Glad Plaid Skort $110 | Sale $88
  7. Lija Cubism Plaid Skort $110 | Sale $88
  8. Lija Tornado Plaid Knee Short $110 New!
  9. Lija Metro Plaid Skort or Short $110 | Sale $88
  10. Loudmouth Golf Bushwood Skort $75
  11. Loudmouth Golf Maui Skort $75

Ooh, let's not forget about the gear!

Sassy Caddy Cart Bag
Sassy Caddy Golf makes some really amazing golf bags and accessories with a preppy plaid pattern. We love this bag because is super lightweight and comes with a free detachable accessory bag ... and we love free!

1. Sassy Caddy Cart Bag Preppy $250
2. Sassy Caddy Stand Bag Preppy $225
3. Sassy Caddy Head Cover Set Preppy $40
4. Sassy Caddy Travel Bag Preppy $219

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